The fabrics we use are made of polyamide (82-81%) and elastane (19-20%) with a “peach hand” effect that gives a soft and pleasant touch. They are treated with antibacterial and hydrophilic process.

Our foams are completely certified and do not create any problem in direct contact with the skin. Their high quality assure a long duration and a minimum deterioration if compared to standard foams available in the market. The most popular densities are 80-100-120 kg/m³ in several thicknesses.

Thanks to the latest innovations in the world of polyurethane foams, we have succeeded in combining foams of different densities and characteristics. Therefore we are able to offer new high performance materilas that can significantly improve rider’s performance by being much more breathable and elastic.

In an era in which eco-sustainability is an increasingly important factor, Dolomiti Pads is continually looking for innovative, high performance and eco-friendly materials. The polyester fabric is made of a recycled yarn of previous reworked productions in order to obtain a performing handmade fabric with bright colours. The production of traditional pads with glue and thermo-adhesives is now being replaced by the cutting technology which is a new process based on the foam cutting and not on the gluing. By doing this we can reduce the dispersion of gases in the air. Thanks to the collaboration with a local company, the waste of materials gets withdrawn and taken to a factory that produces new paddings.